Terms and conditions



The compensation that will be applied, on the reservation deposit made, will be those that continue to try to make the most flexible:

- 5% when the cancellation is made with more than 30 days.

- 50% when the cancellation is made within a period equal to or less than 30 days.


- 100% when the cancellation is made within a period of less than 7 days.


- As a consequence of the cancellations by Covid-19, a full refund will be made except for management costs.




We work with Domum Trade Cleanings and services whose main objective is to make all the available and necessary means available to you so that your holiday environment meets optimal hygiene, cleanliness, health and order conditions. Thanks to a vast and experienced group of people we are convinced that if they give us the opportunity we will not disappoint them.


They have a new textile cleaning service with an injection machine for deep cleaning and an ozone machine for disinfection. With these machines we remove dirt from textiles (mattresses, sofas, armchairs, curtains, rugs, carpets ...) and free them from mites, dust ...

We have an optional service of bed packs in case the client wishes to use their own means, this cleaning service is in charge of Clat. Cartagena Industrial Laundry that performs an exclusive treatment service to each client

The facilities are equipped with a sanitary barrier, the dirty clothes are totally isolated from the clean clothes area, guaranteeing maximum hygiene in the process.


The washing area, although with a large production capacity, is made up of washers of different volumes, allowing each client's clothes to be treated in an exclusive process, which could not be fulfilled in facilities with a car wash. The technology of the machines allows us to create programs designed for each client, depending on the type of fabric, type of dirt, color ... ... guaranteeing maximum cleaning with the utmost care.


We are aware that we have to protect our environment that is why we try to prevent contamination during the performance of all activities and services performed by cleaning services. We comply with applicable environmental legislation and that related to the services we offer. We fight to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and services. We continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality and Environmental Management System and ensure Good Professional Practices.

Terms and conditions