Are you an owner?

Three formulas that adapt to the needs of the owners

Rental Olé is your reservation management platform

We enhance the visibility of your holiday accommodation through the 150 portals with which Rental Olé is connected. We manage the reservations that arrive through our website or any of these platforms.

Rental Olé carries out part of the procedures.

We have a wide customer base with all kinds of profiles to adapt to the tenants you want

Rental Olé takes care of everything.

Market study, professional photographic report, legal procedures, reservation management, check in check out, cleaning and maintenance of your home

Would you like to not have to worry about renting or selling your property?


Would you like to receive notifications confirming reservations for your property?


Would you like to be able to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about any formalities and receiving your rent money instantly?


If you are interested in obtaining all this and many more, you just have to contact us through all the means that we put at your disposal and we will inform you of all the benefits you could obtain.


We will take care, from the first moment, to accompany you in optimizing the benefits of your property.


We have a private area on our web platform where we put at your disposal all the information related to your property so that you can track all the procedures in real time, make inquiries and see the status of reservations and payments.


Likewise, and depending on the type of contract signed with Rental Olé, the owner of a vacation rental can block their property for their own enjoyment for up to one month during the summer period (check conditions according to the type of contract).