Our services

Our services cover all the necessary steps to optimize your vacation rental. We have a wide range of benefits to choose from according to the needs of each owner or home.

● Study of the property: Not all homes have the same characteristics, so, first, we make an assessment to adjust all those binding points. Elements such as the location of the property, its state of conservation, the services that the house has and the surroundings, condition the rental process.

● Procedures: We carry out all the legal and administrative procedures to register your tourist accommodation according to the regulations in force in each municipality.


● Prices and rates: We customize the fundamental price parameters. The services offered by the accommodation, the location or the season in which it is rented are aspects that influence the final price of the property. In addition, you can control it in real time through the private area of ​​the owner.

● Guest check-in / check-out: Receiving guests correctly is without doubt the best cover letter. Addressing requests for arrival times or particularities on the part of the tenants may be incompatible with the personal or professional life of the owner, for this reason there are also vacation rental professionals. The management of welcome details is also added to the entry and exit process.

● Cleaning, Maintenance and Security: We ensure that the condition of the property is adequate, we also provide a cleaning service of the accommodation before and after the stay of the guests. You can also hire the installation of security measures in your home.

● Interior design and decoration service: Sometimes the accommodation needs a set-up before going to the holiday rental market. We have all the necessary services, interior design, renovation and decoration, with very tight rates, to ensure that the house meets minimum quality, habitability and comfort.

● Equipment available 24/7: Our equipment is available 7 days a week to meet both the needs of the guest and the owner.

● Photo session: Having professional quality photos is essential to rent your property. A good image is the first step to make your vacation offer attractive.

Our services