Animal Lovers

Is it difficult for you to find an accommodation to enjoy a vacation with your pet without problems?

We are aware that finding accommodation with your pet is complicated, so from Rentalolé we make it easy, we wanted to help all our clients to be able to take with themselves a very important member of their family such as pets.


We have TOTALLY FREE these services:

  • From a trough
  • From a drinking fountain
  • Of a bed

We watch over you, for your comfort. In addition, we know that long walks await you with your beloved dog through cities, new parks, hiking trails, bathing in lakes, rivers, swimming pools. In short, a lot of unforgettable activities that you will enjoy 100% surrounded by those you love the most.


On the other hand, not only does it offer you a wide range of houses with pets, but also, THESE DO NOT HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL COST. We know that your pet is part of your family, and our only wish is that your vacation is perfect, and yours too! Discover the rentals with a pool, so that you, your family and your pet have a great time.


If you need any special service for your pet, get in touch with us to try to give you the best comforts.

Animal Lovers