Talking about Aguilas is undoubtedly feeling the charm of a place with privileged views of the sea. Its location, in the south of the region of Murcia, with an extensive strip of coastline and behind the mountain range that separates it from the Guadalentín valley, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the purest essence of the Mediterranean and nature which provides the proximity of the sierra. To its geographical potential, the great heritage, playful and gastronomic legacy is added, seasoned by the good climate of the area, making Águilas the best tourist option at any time of the year.

In its 28 kilometers of Mediterranean coast the visitor can choose between its 36 beaches and coves. Poniente beach, considered the most urban of its entire catalog, has a great proposal for services and entertainment areas. The beach of La Colonia, Levante or Las Delicias, although to a lesser extent, also offers all the comforts to enjoy a day of sun, sand and a good bath. The beaches of the Hornillo Bay and Isla de Fraile, as well as the beaches of the Four Calas, are also worth visiting.

The Hornillo Bay, in addition, has one of the most characteristic enclaves of Águilas, El Hornillo Mineral Pier, inaugurated in 1903, was Gustavo Gillman's entrepreneurial initiative, which aimed to strengthen the Águilas-Lorca-Baza railway line with the exploitation of the existing mines in the Sierra de Bacares. In 2017 it was opened to the public as a railway museum of aquiline history and the access tunnels to the jetty are restored.

If what you are looking for is to enjoy the sea in more collected environments, the Herradura Creek stands out, a privileged place to disconnect due to its low level of occupation. Its access is made on foot by means of a natural path located in the district of Cocón. Very close to this site we find the Cala Mijo, with very similar characteristics. Another quiet cove where to spend a peaceful day is the Pine, in the hamlet of Calabardina.

These coastal places also favor the practice of water sports, an ingredient that invites all lovers of these disciplines to visit Águilas.

In addition to its beaches and coves, Águilas has three seaports, the marina of Águilas, the marina of Juan Montiel and the commercial fishing port. Another of the

History, heritage and museums

The castle of San Juan de las Águilas built in the eighteenth century on two defense towers, a site that was restored and currently houses a museum, there are also watchtowers, canyons and, above all, great panoramic views from the city and its surroundings. The view can be made upon payment of your ticket and access is viable both on foot and by car.

Another of the emblematic places and that are a mandatory stop is the Punta Negra Lighthouse. It is located next to the fishing port and is certainly a key point to take a good snapshot. Nor can you stop shooting a good image next to the monument of Icarus and that honors the famous carnival held in the city.

Within its wide list of museums, the one of the Railroad, the one of soccer, the Archaeological and the one of the Roman Baths stand out.

Carnival, a key event that you can not miss

The Eagles Carnival, with more than 200 years of history, was declared in January 2015 as a Festival of International Tourist Interest and each new edition dresses every corner of the town with color, music and humor.

It begins on Thursday with the Mussona Release and continues on Saturday night with the Battle between Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma and the Pregón act with which a massive party begins, which will end informally the following Saturday with the Burning of Don Carnal, and officially 2 Saturdays later with the Chirigotas Contest.

In its more than two weeks of duration, spectacular parades of rocks, comparsas and floats follow one another, where music, fun and joy are mixed in an environment difficult to describe, with the "Cascarones" and the "Cuerva", which It is the typical holiday drink, as traditional and outstanding elements.

The gastronomy of Águilas merges products from the sea and the garden

Águilas has an ancestral cuisine, very varied, with a great contrast of flavors, based on the products of the sea and the garden. The dishes are usually very spicy, noticing in almost all of them the influence of Arabic cuisine, especially desserts. As star products we highlight the mullet, shrimp, tomato and caper.

The gourmet traveler interested in the gastronomic heritage has in Águilas the opportunity to enjoy a kitchen with personality, popular, easily identifiable, in which dishes such as El Caldo de Pescado, Los Escabeches, Garlic Colorao, Octopus Salad, Rice a stand out Ban