When it is decided to rent a property, a wide horizon of procedures and procedures is opened that, although they may seem simple, are not. Ignorance of the process can hinder some of the steps that are important to perform or even delay its implementation, especially as regards the processing of documentation.

Another factor that usually plays against in these cases is time. Many owners, although they put large doses of will in self-managing the real estate, cannot dedicate enough time for the house to look as it deserves. It is important to take care of each and every detail and services offered so that the guest is completely satisfied. That's where professionals in the management of vacation rentals play an important role since the success of the property is as important for the owner as for the professional who manages it.

These are some of the most important processes that an expert will solve for you:

● Study of the property: Not all homes have the same characteristics, so first of all an assessment must be made to adjust all those binding points such as price. In addition, elements such as the location of the property, its state of conservation, the services that the house has and the surroundings, also conditions the rental process on many occasions. This is undoubtedly the best starting point.

● Legal documentation: Documentary and administrative processes are tedious in most cases. To register a tourist apartment you must also consult the current regulations, since it can be very different depending on the city where the property is located. The domain of the rental professionals in this field allows, in many cases, to expedite this phase that if carried out in a personal way can be delayed or even fall into errors due to ignorance.

● Prices and rates: The services offered, the location or the season in which it is rented are three phenomena that influence the rental price. Depending on the characteristics of the property, it may be enhanced for a few months or others, an aspect that will have to be assessed when setting the rates. Although putting economic value on the stay can be an easy task, you must know how to size it properly to achieve the profitability of the business that is intended with the rental of accommodation.

● Guest check-in / check-out: Receiving guests correctly is without doubt the best cover letter. Addressing requests for arrival times or particularities on the part of the tenants may be incompatible with the personal or professional life of the owner, for this reason there are also vacation rental professionals. The management of welcome details is also added to the entry and exit process.

● Booking management: Booking management is not only limited to the departure and entry of tenants, it is important that the process is carried out in a guaranteed manner and of course knowing what the impression of the guests during their stay has been in order to improve the service.

● Cleaning, Maintenance and Security: Sometimes rents can be raised and developed frequently, which makes it difficult for the owner to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. The rental professionals also carry out this process, which is one of the most demanding factors for those who choose a home to enjoy their vacations. The management or installation of the alarm or security service can also be delegated to Rental Olé, because without a doubt the protection of the home is also a very important pillar.

● Interior design and decoration service: Sometimes the accommodation needs a set-up before going to the holiday rental market. Companies specialized in the management of this type of housing usually offer all the necessary services, interior design, renovation and decoration, with very tight rates, to ensure that the house meets minimum quality, habitability and comfort.

As you have seen the advantages are numerous when delegating the management of your accommodation in a team of professionals. At Rental Olé, we specialize in holiday rentals on the Costa Cálida. Our goal is to offer owners the best management and promotional service, in order to give their property greater visibility and obtain the highest possible return.