Entering already in the second month of 2020 we begin to glimpse the revolution of trends and the novelties in interior design that will mark this new cycle. From the fever for the eco and natural, through the revival of neutral tones, to the textured walls, the trends seem to point high and that always invites diversity and creation, something that is always an injection of motivation to When creating any space.

We open a tour of what will be the 7 decoration keys that will mark the spaces this year.

The walls with personality, the use of moldings, wallpaper, wood paneling or games of geometric designs made with paint seem to be some of the most popular expressions to bring life to the walls. These have stopped being a mere support to become a very active part of the decoration of any room. As a novelty, the composition will be taken, so in the same room you can use different techniques and turn it into a true work of art that also invites you to enjoy inside.

Neutrals are going to be trendy colors. Beige, although it may seem like a classic tone is going to be the base tone in the decoration. It is presented as an additive of peace, warmth and a serene connection with nature that brings great doses of calm. On the other hand, it seems that dark tones will also have their share of prominence, so mixtures remain one of the ways of not only getting the best version but also the most daring of any space.

As for materials, 2020 is the year of the return of wood. Although he has never been forgotten, the truth is that he returns to the ‘deco’ scene through the large door, seeking to create unique, warm, comfortable and elegant interiors. To do this, it approaches the extremes: either dark wood almost black or light, almost white. And to show that it is more fashionable than ever seizes walls, floors, furniture, ornaments and accessories. The furniture king will be the sideboard. The "apothecary" typology although they are glazed and their use, seems more common in the bathroom will begin to be seen in kitchens and living rooms with the incorporation of metal and glass. Bathed in light, they are even more elegant and, above all, they regain prominence in any room they are in.

Accessories and fabrics, the importance of detail.

If we talk about accessories, one of the most prominent and that can not be missing in any room are the lamps. It is expected that this year they will continue to have a lot of prominence and that their size will remain XXL so that they will surprise those who access the room in addition to their lighting, for their dimensions.

Velvet, although it has been present in decoration for some time now, seems to remain the main fabric. With its soft texture and glossy finish wears any space with elegance and luxury, so we should not be afraid to use it to bring the personality we want to the space in which it is used.

Currents that will not go unnoticed

The trends "Plastic-Free" and "Zero Waste" and words such as recover, recycle and reuse are strongly imposed in the world of decoration. It is not only about recovering disused furniture to give them another life, but of reducing as much as possible the plastic of any space in favor of cloth bags, natural fiber carpets, wooden furniture, bamboo utensils in the kitchen , ceramic and glass containers, etc.

The elimination of barriers and open and functional spaces are another of the currents that sound stronger. We bet that the spaces allow freedom of movement and above all that various activities can be developed in each of them. For this, the furniture is committed to versatility and practicality, with modular and comfortable models, which combine more than one function.

From the living room to the kitchen, from the colors of the furniture and the walls to its different textures, everything is capable of soaking up new airs to bring a very personal and trendy touch to any space. Of course, we must not forget that beauty is in the eyes of those who look and interior design is no exception. The stay should be a reflection of your style and personality, not the most cutting-edge deco trends, so feel free to adopt those that most align with you and your needs and discard those that do not fit your parameters at all. Meanwhile, open your eyes wide to everything new that arrives, which is very exciting.